What’s going on with El Contexto lately?


Dear readers,

I’ve accidentally deleted the SQL database as I was doing maintenance work. My hosting company and I both didn’t have a backup. I must thus rebuild El Contexto manually from the archiving site archive.org, so there will be some delay. The comments I hope I can restore from WordPress.

Kind regards,

Marc Chéhab

Marc Chéhab
Somewhere between a social scientist and a journalist, I currently work as a news editor for major Swiss newspapers and manage the program «Peace & Security» at the think tank foraus – Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy. In 2015 I founded the website elcontexto.org, where in 2016 friends and I published the first «open-source» documentary about Venezuela and short documentaries about Catalan separatism and ISIS. Originally, I'm an IT engineer, but I later studied International Relations (MA) at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) and Development and Peace Studies (BA) at University Of Bradford.
Marc Chéhab


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Marc Chéhab

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